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This is a set of 1-bit keyboard and gamepad icons I made for my game, Slipstream, and thought maybe could help someone. They're not the prettiest icons you'll ever see, but...

  • everything is 16x16. everything. no exceptions.
  • buttons are ordered by their position on the gamepad. for example, Xbox A, Playstation X and Switch B are all in the same place  in the texture. so a simple offset of 24 tiles can change the controller type in-game.
  • 1-bit is easy to adapt to any color scheme, edit, manipulate, extend and play with.
  • public domain license, 100% free for any kind of use, but I'd find it really cool if you gave me credit.

the font used in the keyboard icons is Resoled Bold by Joseph Knight, also in public domain.

If you want to support me financially, buy my game Slipstream on your store/platform of choice.

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Tags16-bit, 1-bit, 8-Bit, Black and White, gamepad, graphics, Icons, keyboard, Pixel Art, Tileset


icons-16x16-1bit-ansdor.zip 49 kB


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Public domain - CC0

You should add the license into metadata for the asset pack(s):

"Edit asset pack->Metadata->Release Info->License for assets" It will increase the size of audience that will be able to find your art


These are great, thanks!


Great set of icons! I used the "A" button in my Playdate game and attributed you in the game files and on the game page. Thanks for releasing this public domain!